the first crypto-currency secured by wood stock

DAO LSC is the Decentralised Autonomous Organisation engaged in logging, woodprocessing and international timber trade.

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$500 000

$100 000

$34 700

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About Lescoin

DAO LSC is the investment fund based on Ethereum blockchain that allows its participants to receive profit from the timber enterprise in Russia. Wood-and-timber trade will provide the investors with stable profits as the demand from our buyers – primarily, the furniture factories of China – is constantly growing.


LSC achieves high profitability by using the modern technologies of logging and reforestation. At our plantations, we use the transgenic (TG) seeds of coniferous trees supplied by the industry's leader – Monsanto Biocorp (USA). The seeds have unique parameters of growth and adaptability to climate conditions. We gained a strong competitive advantage by introducing this biotechnology in Russia. To date, our company is the only enterprise in the market capable of growing TG-trees.

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The objective of the pre-ICO is to raise no less than  $100 000

The optimal investment is  $500 000

1LSC = $50 = 1 cubic meter of rough-wood

Only 200,000 Lescoin will be issued during the pre-ICO

The investment required during the pre-ICO

Our objectives

Attract international investment to the successful forest business in Russia


To achieve leadership in the market with the help of our partners who have been engaged in international wood trade and sawn timber for more than 10 years.


To increase dividends through expansion – by land developing in the Russian Far East


To increase dividends through diversification – by establishing new woodworking facilities


To protect the interests of investors through a smart contract on Ethereum


To benefit from full-cycle timber production by implementing reforestation technology



Our guarantees

Lescoin is a commodity token secured by wood stock

Investment is protected by a smart contract on Ethereum blockchain

Our investors benefit from three revenue sources: the development of wild forests, logging in TG-tree plantation, woodworking.

Our products are in high demand in China. We already have preliminary sales agreements with Chinese importers.

Should the crowd-sale be unsuccessful, investors will get a full refund according to the terms of the smart contract.

All operational activities of DAO LSC will be tracked in a web-platform for investors. Blockchain technology excludes the risk of non-earmarked spending.







What investors gain

when purchasing  Lescoin ?

Each Lescoin is secured by

1 cubic meter of wood

A profitable and reliable asset in the real economy sector

The first dividends to be paid in 6 months after the ICO

Anonymous ownership and trade

Investment fund in a reliable jurisdiction with a minimum tax burden

Stable growth of dividends due to the expansion and diversification of production

Production area

Logging and woodworking facilities will be established in the Russian Far East near to the border with China. Our key transport hubs are railway stations Dalnerechensk and Lesozavodsk.

Required investments
and profit expectations

Minimum required


• wild forest development

• sawmills installment

• supply of wood and timber to China

• wild forest development

• sawmills installment

• supply of wood and timber to China

• transgenic trees planting

• wild forest development

• sawmills installment

• transgenic tree planting on 10,000 hectares

• pulp-and-paper mill

• biofuel production supply of end products to China

$14.9 million

$ 36.5 million

$ 72.8 million

(current profit expectations are the same, but no deferred profits)

$ 72.8 million

+ $ 17.2 million

(deferred profits from transgenic tree plantation)

$37.3 million

$74.5 million

Optimal investment

Investment required for

full diversification

$ 258.6 million

$ 517.2 million

$ 517.2 million

+ $ 64.9 million

(deferred profits from transgenic tree plantation)

$ 570 million

$ 1.14 billion

$ 1.14 billion

+ $ 242.8 million

(deferred profits from transgenic tree plantation)

Profit expectation in the first year

Profit expectation in 3 years

Profit expectation in 5 years

No obstacles for foreign investors

Investments in the Russian timber industry promises high profits, but foreign investors are often discouraged by technical and legal barriers



DAO LSC removes all entry barriers in the market. There is no capital limit – you can profit of international timber trade by investing any convenient amount. A recommended minimum is $50.



By purchasing Lescoin, you invest in the liquid asset secured by wood stock and having three revenue sources.



Buy Lescoin today and grow your green capital for tomorrow.



All team members occupy leading positions in their fields

Ivan Gridin

Oleg Melnik

Andrey Kovalev

Michael Khoroshev

entrepreneur and crypto-investor

Logging Production Manager

Woodworking Equipment Engineer

programmer, blockchain developer and crypto-evangelist

Until 2015, Ivan led business in the retail sector (the chain of farm products shops) and developed the startup of 3D printing for mass-markets (Embrio 3D). Since 2016, he focused on the timber business and became a supplier of raw materials for the Kronoshpan factory and the Plywood Mill in Ufa. Together with investors from the "Business Club A3" and the company "Udmurtia-Les", he developed the concept of DAO LSC.

Oleg has been in the timber industry for more than 30 years. He worked for logging enterprises in the Urals, Siberia and the Far East. Under his leadership, forest belts were developed in the Amur River basin, the Trans-Baikal Territory, the Irkutsk Region and other areas. In 2013, Oleg was awarded the title of "Honored Worker of the Russian Forest Industry". Currently, he manages the direction of forest development in LLC Les-Invest.

Andrey has been working in the timber industry since 2002. He was engaged in the installation and maintenance of woodworking equipment at enterprises in Udmurtia, Bashkortostan and the Orenburg region. Now Andrey is one of the leading consultants in the region who specializes in the modernization of the technical base. He is a certified maintenance engineer of the manufacturers Logosol, Wood-mizer and WoodTec.

Michael specialises in smart-contract programming on Ethereum. He took part in the development of amoCRM, Russia's leading CRM system, and in digital-promotion of the largest business conference in the CIS.

Svyatoslav Yakimov

Alexey Penskikh

Michael Vinercev

Guzel Sakaeva

programmer, web developer

programmer, mobile app developer

smart-contract developer /

back-end developer

web designer and illustrator

Svyatoslav is a web-developer with ten-years-experience, a solidity-developer and a winner of several blockchain hackathons. He is also the co-founder of Gamity, the ICO news aggregator, which successfully attracted the investment on crypto-exchange in August 2017.

Since 2001, Alexey is engaged in system programming and mobile development. He is the CEO of the Desprice company and the founder and leading developer of instant messenger KliChat.

He worked in the banking sector for many years , led IT-management, also worked as a technical director in a company developing loyalty systems.

A graduate of the Ufa Fine Arts Academy, Guzel specialises in visual branding and interface design for software, mobile applications and websites. Since 2012, she has developed visuals for "Business Molodost”, Malik Space and Sparta.

Yana Moskal

Song Yang

Roman Zayneev

Vadim Nurimanov

translator, community manager

translator, community manager

marketer, bounty-manager

сrypto-investor, strategic partnership

A graduate of the Minsk State Linguistic University, Yana works in the international communication field for five years. Since 2015, she is engaged in community management on social media. Yana is  the founder of the project “FixAim - mobile application for motivation".

A graduate of Shanghai Universty, Song Yang is now studying in the Higher School of Economics (Moscow) as a postgraduate. She has learned Russian for 5 years and worked as a translator for 3 years. Song often participates in international trade fairs in China and Russia as an interpretor.

Roman works in online-marketing fore more than 3 years. He was engaged in the traffic arbitrage for the UAE hotel chain, SMM campaign for Montana Shop, international training "The Space for Development" and many other projects. Roman specializes in targeting advertising, collaboration with bloggers and native advertising.

The founder of a large crypto-investors community “Bitcoin Fund”, responsible for promotion, listing in calendars and stock exchanges.

Denis Shavaleev

chief Marketer

A marketing professional with five-years-experience, Denis specialises in developing new sales channels. He incorporated online-sales into the business model of a number of real sector companies, including one of the leading seed suppliers in Russia NPC-Agro. Denis also leads own online project FitHunt with over 100.000 subscribers.


Anton Bogdanov – the CEO of the company RusForest AB (Sweden)


Sergey Veniaminov – the Executive Director of RusForest AB (Sweden)


Vilnur Garaev – the Executive Director of the Company 'Udmurtles' (Izhevsk, Russia)


Ivan Klyuchinikov – the CEO of the Group of Companies 'Altai-Les' (Barnaul, Russia), an expert in the field of international wood trade and customs issues


The group of companies 'Selena Group' and its experts in woodworking machinery and logistics


LLC «Kronospan Bashkortostan» represented by the executive director Sergey Veruta, an expert in the production of plywood, wooden panels, laminates, pellets and other materials.


Prof. Galina Davydova, Doctor of Economics – the Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, professor in the Baikal State University, author of more than 100 scientific publications, including the studies of international trade and the global timber industry.


Nadezhda Kalashnik, PhD in Biology – the leading researcher at the Ufa Science Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Botanical Garden Institute of Ufa. Nadezhda is an expert in plant selection and industrial tree planting, author of numerous scientific publications in the field.

Bonuses in the period of the preliminary ICO

Bonuses in the period of the main ICO

September 18 to November 10, 2017

November – December 2017

1st week

2nd week

3rd week

4th week

5th week

Bonus size in %

Bonus size in %

first 4 days

1st week

2nd week

3rd week

4th week

5th week


There is no minimum amount for LSC purchase on pre-ICO and ICO



Investment starting from $50 (1 LSC) is recommended because 1 LSC equals to 1 cubic meter of wood or the dividends of its trade as timber.



The token can be split up to 1/10000 LSC = 1 root.



The pre-ICO is aimed to raise $0.5M for blockchain development, marketing and legal support.



The main ICO is aimed to raise $74.5M for launching a high-profit timber enterprise.



The main ICO is considered successful if it raises no less than $14.9M – this is the minimum investment needed to launch a profitable enterprise.



If the minimum investment is not raised, investors will get a full refund. The refund is guaranteed by a smart contract on Ethereum blockchain.



If sufficient investment is raised, the buyback of tokens will begin in 12 months after the ICO at $100 for 1 LSC (nominal price + 100%).



If pre ICO does not attract the minimum amount of investments - the funds are not returned










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